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Better quality of life for all employees is part of our mission. Continual improvements are focused on unleashing our collective potential and growth, so we, and all upcoming generations can enjoy a fulfilling personal and professional life.

Crafting a workspace

to empower.

Our engineering hubs and work spaces are surrounded by forests with mountain air, panoramic city views, have appropriate space temperature and peaceful environment, wellness and spa facilities, lots of daylight, active job design, and much more.

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Personal and professional

We invest in our people to unlock their full potential on their career path. Our community is committed and structured to provide support so everyone can grow and develop in their desired field. We provide all necessary tools to reach goals, break new ground, and steer careers in the right direction.

Let's shape the world's


innovative brands

Experience the collective multidimensional growth and opportunity to shape many of the world's largest innovative brands, while working on the individual personal and professional development.

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Science behind


Symphony Wellbeing Care is based on physical and mental health support, from a pleasant work environment, wellness centre with swimming pool and spa, extended health private insurance, flexible sick days, care packages, and much more.


body and mind

Our wellness centers provide our employees with a number of ways to regulate their physical and mental health. From a swimming pool, massage, sauna, relaxing chairs to a fully equipped gym.

A healthy body and mind helps regulate our sleep and focus, and gives us less back pain, less headache, and improves our overall health.

We love


Experience the best from both worlds, stability of corporate working, and freedom of flexible working. We fully understand the benefits of working from home and saving time for family. We support our community with top-market quality of necessary equipment and furniture.

Share with

Family and


It really matters.

Organize weekend picnics or kids birthdays. Host a party with friends in any engineering hub. Have a family movie night, table tennis, or billiard hangout. Bring friends to wellness, gym or swimming pool. Have a family dinner and enjoy panorama views and sunsets.



Short and long term.

Working and having financial stability secures and lifts our quality of life. Zero-interest company loans, frequent salary increase, different types of discounts, welcome package and bonuses are included.

We care

about you.

Symphony Care is helping us reach beyond and discover our true potential by having a successful professional career, financial opportunities that uplift living standards, a healthy life, and meaningful relationships with our family and friends.



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San Francisco | Novi Sad | Belgrade | Niš | Sarajevo | Skopje | Berlin | Amsterdam | London | Zurich

There are more ways of caring for the community from one engineering hub to another than listed above.

The list can include some additional points, or exclude something from above.

San Francisco | Novi Sad | Belgrade | Niš | Sarajevo | Skopje | Berlin | Amsterdam | London | Zurich

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